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Coca Cola commits to recycling all used aluminium cans and bottles by 2030

Leading non-alcoholic beverage brand Coca Cola has pledged to recycle all used bottles and aluminium cans the company sells and will be selling by 2030. As a part of their new packaging vision, the fizzy-drink maker will also shift to recyclable packaging globally.

The “massive global ambition” is aimed at undoing the littering of environment that the firm has been committing and responsibly tackling the problem at the micro-level.

Coca Cola recycles

At the launch of its “World Without Waste” campaign, Coca Cola acknowledged the fact that like many other food and beverage companies, their firm too has been contributing to the rise of landfills.

"The world has a packaging problem - and, like all companies, we have a responsibility to help solve it," Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey said.

To the question- how it intended to do that, Mr Quincey said, "We believe every package - regardless of where it comes from - has value and life beyond its initial use… If something can be recycled, it should be recycled. So we want to help people everywhere understand how to do their part."

Aluminium Dross Report

Coca Cola said it supports the idea of a “Circular Economy” where every resource such as aluminium, glass and plastic is re-used rather than being disposed of.

Aluminium is a 100 per cent recyclable metal. Recycling aluminium from scrap requires only five per cent of the energy used to make new (secondary) aluminium.

Source:China Aluminium Network

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