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JLR announces new programme to recycle aluminium waste from end-of-life cars

Jaguar Land Rover announced a new aluminium recycling programme- REALITY. This scheme will enable JLR to recycle aluminium waste from end-of-life cars and then reuse it in new vehicles.

Simon Edmunds, director of manufacturing and materials at Innovate UK, said: “Innovate UK is proud of our support for the REALCAR programme.”

“This exciting latest stage of the project, REALITY, is another excellent example of collaboration between large and small businesses in the supply chain, supporting them to scale up and become more productive. These projects have been a model in terms of professional delivery of complex research and development.”

The £2m REALITY project builds on the REALCAR programme set up in 2008 to reuse aluminium waste from the manufacturing process. The company reclaimed more than 75,000 tonnes of aluminium.

The new programme by JLR can provide both financial and environmental long-term benefits, as recycling aluminium requires 95% less energy than traditional aluminium production.

Source: China Aluminium Network

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